Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Friends of the Cahill Family in New Ross have opened an account for people wishing to help Tina Cahill’s parents as they prepare to support her in her forthcoming trial in Australia

A GROUP calling itself the Friends of the Cahill Family (FOTCF) has opened an account in New Ross to assist local couple, Dan and Tina Cahill, as they prepare to support their daughter, Tina, in her upcoming trial in Australia.

Ms. Cahill was charged, in February, in connection with the fatal stabbing of her fiancé, David ‘Motcha’ Walsh, and has been remanded in custody in Sydney until April.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Saturday, February 19, when Mr. Walsh, died following a fracas at the couple’s home in Padstow.

According to neighbours a fight broke out between a number of people at the house shortly after midnight that Friday – into Saturday morning.

Mr. Walsh, a father-of-three, ended up on the footpath outside the house with a stab wound to the neck and while paramedics treated him at the scene he succumbed to his injuries.

Ms. Cahill was subsequently charged with his murder and a 36 year-old local man was also arrested in connection with the incident, however, he was later released from custody without charge.

Ms. Cahill was originally due before the courts the following Sunday but was too distraught to appear or give evidence by video link.

The case was then adjourned to the following Wednesday, however, Ms. Cahill was again too distressed to appear and was remanded in custody, in her absence, until April 5, when it’s expected a Book of Evidence will be presented to the court.

A spokesperson for the FOTCM said the account was endorsed by the family when they were approached about the idea.

The account is open in AIB New Ross and anyone wishing to donate to it can do so through: A/C 2162 4079 Sort Code 93 34 30 or alternatively people can donate online via through a Go Fund Me campaign titled, ‘Cahill Family Community Campaign’.

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