Life in jail for man who stabbed wife over 60 times

AN ENNISCORTHY man has been sentenced to life in Swiss prison after he told the courts that he stabbed his wife more than 60 times in a bid to stop her from finding out about a police probe into child...

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Man still missing after two years

ALMOST EXACTLY two years ago, softly spoken Donegal native James Joyce asked a neighbour to look after his faithful dog for a couple of days. He was never seen again. Residing at Lymington Road, just opposite the Garda Station, the...

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Sod turned on €16.3million water treatment plant

THE SOD was officially turned on a major €16.3million investment from Irish Water in wastewater treatment in Enniscorthy on Friday....

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Swanning around town!

THEY SAY that animals are often more clever than we give them credit for. There was certainly evidence of this...

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High hopes for St Senan’s college bid

AN AMBITIOUS plan to house a state of the art third level education facility and multi-purpose campus on the grounds...

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CF drugs will provide brighter future for Ruth (3)

AN ENNISCORTHY mother has said that she can now “finally see a future” for her little girl after it was...

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